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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy, Dual-sided Sponge Scrubber, 4 Count

Scrub Daddy, Dual-sided Sponge Scrubber, 4 Count

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Comprised of a scratch-free, FlexTexture construction on one side and ResoFoam on the other, these multipurpose sponges can tackle any job. Its one-of-a-kind pores adjust with your water temperature for versatile cleaning performance. In warm water, it becomes soft and compressible. In cold water, it becomes firm to give you even more scrubbing power. Multiple colors allow you to color-code your chores with vibrant orange, blue, green and yellow to eliminate cross-contamination. Multipurpose sponges are perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and more.


Scrub Daddy Dual-sided Sponge Scrubber, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, 4 / Pack (Quantity)

  • Scratch-free material safely cleans your delicate items without worry
  • Advanced design adjusts with temperature of water for versatile use
  • Various colors let you color-code chores to prevent cross-contamination
  • Perfect for cleaning cabinets, sinks, dishes, baking pans and more
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