The Jerry Link Scholarship


Education is the gift that lasts a lifetime and while students have many teachers, there is one in particular that seems to stick around through high school, college, weddings, births, deployments, sicknesses and almost anything that a student has/is going through!  

ConnectSO is renaming the company's scholarship fund in honor of Jerry Link. Mr. Link began his teaching career in 1967 as a science teacher at Jericho Junior High School in New York. He began teaching in Montgomery County Public Schools in 1971 at Cabin John Junior High School, followed by assignments at Thomas S. Wootton and Quince Orchard and Northwest high schools.

Mr. Link “is not the only chemistry teacher in the world to illuminate dill pickles. He is not the only one to tell stories so funny that, at 7:30 a.m., high school juniors laugh instead of nap. He is not the only one to point a megaphone down the hall and announce a student's "A."

He might, however, be the only one to do the Pee-wee Herman dance atop a lab table.” Washington Post April 10, 2003

Mr. Link is known for being a mentor to many, a teacher to thousands, a coach of champions and a student’s friend forever!

Some of Mr. Link’s accolades include:

  • The Washington Post's Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award
  • All-Met cross-country coach of the year 
  • Teacher of the year by the school PTSA
  • Teacher of the Year by the Maryland Association of Science Teachers

    Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible:

    • Need based
    • First time college student in family
    • Service to the community with a social responsibility
    • Interest in Science degree focusing on environmental impact
    • Involvement in school

      This award is a need based fund that is awarded to a first-time college applicant in a family. The student is an active participant in the total school program with a major in the sciences.

      Selection and Non-discrimination Policy

      Scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of:
      -Completed scholarship application
      -Recommendation Forms
      -Overall academic achievement demonstrated by transcripts

      We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender, disability or sexual orientation in any of its programs or activities.