Our Team

The ConnectSo team is comprised of investors, operators, and savvy business leaders that bring years of experience in building some of the world’s most successful companies. Our collective experience is what makes us unique and exceptional.

We are continuously cultivating an innovative culture and work tirelessly to create solutions that help educators and students in grades K-12 in the United States.


Hiren Patel
Founder & CEO



Farahna Alarakhiya -- VP of Products & Insights at Shopify  


Curt Aubley -- Vice President at Crowdstrike   


Jennifer Byrne -- Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft US at Microsoft


Jackson Jeyanayagam -- VP, GM DTC at The Clorox Company 


Tim Wertner -- Senior Vice President U.S. Operations at FedEx Express  


Vidya Jwala -- Chief eCommerce & Supply Chain Officer at Dick's Sporting Goods