How we source our products

While Connectso is currently not an authorized reseller of any of the products that are listed for sale, we are a very creative and resourceful start-up! While many online retailers have established relationships with distributers to source products; we are taking a unique approach in sourcing our inventory as our main focus currently, is to build a trusted consumer base, change consumer behavior and complete a proof of concept of our business model.

We are currently using liquidators, coupons, loyalty points, searching clearance sales and even buying at retail prices and selling for less.  We chalk some of it to the cost to customer acquisition!

Small businesses tend to spend $20 per customer while larger businesses like Amazon and eBay spend a lot on customer acquisition costs, somewhere between $120 to $160 per customer. We see a lot of good in what we are doing and hope to have more partners down the road and become an authorized retailer of the products we sell. 

If you are interested in selling your products on our platform, please Contact Us and let's make it happen!